The understated 007 chic of the Thai Orchid décor lends a sophisticated retro tone to the restaurant. With almost all the mains coming in under a tenner, the menu flirts successfully with clientele ‘going out to eat’ and ‘going out for dinner’ alike. As starters, both battered tempura prawns – crisped to perfection (Goong Chup Peng Todd) – and fishcakes of prawn, chilli, ginger and coriander (Look Chin Goong) are enjoyed to the last crumb. Following, the red beef curry (Panang Neua) offers a balance of coconut, spice and tender meat to seduce the appetite. The signature Pedt Orchid (duck with mango, chilli, garlic, red peppers and thai basil) was equally appealing. The Skinny notes: Thai Orchid would be an ideal place for that precarious other genre of eating out – the first date. As the competent bottle of house Caber Ridge Merlot ebbed away, talk swung to an enthusiastic discussion about certain tastes and textures that can temporarily relieve you of your sex drive by locating it in the palate. ‘Sex food’, ladies and gentlemen: go to the Thai Orchid in Edinburgh, and let’s have it coined.