Songkran and Chakri Day festival

Thailand often has fantastic festivals with street performances, wonderful food and a brilliant sense of family and fun. It’s during these festivals that you will find Thailand is a fantastic place to visit. If time and budget doesn’t stretch to jetting off to Thailand the next best thing is to take a trip to your nearest friendly Thai restaurant and celebrate with them instead!

Songkran Festival

Songkran is commonly known as the Water Festival and as it falls during the hottest period of the year it comes as welcome relief during the scorching hot weather – you’ll ready why soon enough….

This festival is a celebration of new year, it falls between the 13th and 15th April and is celebrated for up approximately 6 days. It’s celebrated throughout Thailand and not restricted to a certain area so means if you are visiting during this time you can be involved in it in some way.

Songkran is a Buddhist festival and typical celebrations include visiting a Wat to pray and leave food for the monks. Parts of this also include washing statues of Budda as it’s believed that this will bring good luck for the new year.

The second part of the celebrations involves a mass water fight which is brilliant fun! People celebrate in the streets by throwing water as a way of showing respect and blessing them with good luck. This originated from using the water that had previously been used to wash the statues for added good luck!

Now while your nearest Thai restaurant may not be too eager to have you throwing water round their restaurant but it’s still a great time of year to visit as everyone is in a celebratory mood and you can soak up the atmosphere (if you’ll excuse the pun!)

Chakri day

Another celebration worth a mention in April is one called Chakri day. This day is celebrated on the 6th April and is to celebrate the kings of the Chakri dynasty (king s have ruled Thailand since 1782).

What should we celebrate?

What Thai festival would you most like to see celebrated at the Thai Orchid and how would you like to see us do it? Comment below and we’ll consider all (reasonable) suggestions!

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