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We offer a take away thai service because we know that on a busy day the last thing you may want is to sit in a restaurant but you still want good, tasty and healthy food to end a hectic day. With our Take away service and because we’re situated in the heart of Edinbrugh, you can order in advance from your office then pick up on the way home so you don’t have to spend valuable time in the evening cooking. And what better way to make a late night in the office more palatable than a Thai carry out sitting at your desk?!

With our prime location just up from Edinburgh’s Grassmarket and at the top of the Royal Mile we are in the ideal position for a short detour on the way home to grab your take away and you’ll be home before you know it complete with a healthy, nutritious meal that has taken you no effort to cook!

Tempted? To place your carry out order please call us on on 0131 225 6633

Thai Take Away Menu

We use the same fantastic Thai menu as our carry out menu as we do for the restaurant so if you have a favourite meal at the restuarant you can be guaranteed to be able to get it as your take away.

To order please use the menu below and call 0131 225 6633 to place your order. PLease note that our take away prices are cheaper than sitting in the restaurant so please deduct 10% off the given menu prices for the cost of your take away.

Click to view the Take Away menu »