Thai Festivals and Celebrations

If you have been enjoying the food at our Thai Restaurant so much that you are now thinking of a holiday to Thailand it really is a fantastic experience to try and book your holiday over one of the many Thai festivals so you can really soak up the atmosphere and experience some Thai culture up close and personal!

To help you plan we’ve details a few of the festivals through the year that we think would be worth being around to witness.

There are other holidays throughout the year such as Labour Day and Coronation day but the holidays we mention below are the ones most likely to give you a real feel for Thailand and it’s celebrations.

New Year

Who doesn’t enjoy a good New Year celebration? Thai’s like it so much they have three…First of all there is Jan 1st then the Chinese New Year is on the first day of the first Lunar month then there is the Thai New Year (Songkran Festival) in April.

Makha Bucha

Makha Bucha is an important date within the Buddhist calendar and is a celebration of the first sermon of Buddah where 1250 of his followers gathers to hear His first sermon. Makha Bucha is 9 months after this day and is celebrated on the full moon of the third Lunar month.

Chakri Memorial Day

This holiday is to celebrate the crowning of King Rama I, the first king of the Chakri dynasty. He established a new capital (Bangkok) after realising that the original (Thonburi) was at risk from attack. This holiday is celebrated with the offering of flowers and garlands to statues of the King.


As you may remember form earlier we mentioned Songkran as being the Thai New Year. This is possibly the most amazing festival to witness for any visitor to Thailand. It is a three day celebration and the holiday activities include Buddha images being taken outside and washed which has turned into a waterfight – if you’re a tourist be prepared to join in!

Visakha Bucha

Celebrated on the full moon on the 6th Lunar month to celebrate the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddah. Naga Festival This is one amazing festival to be involved in if you can manage to get a hotel booked that night! It is a festival to celebrate the Naga Fireball; a phenomenon of the Mekong river where people can witness fireballs appearing out of the Mekong river. This night tends to fall on the night of the end of the Buddhist rains at the end of October.

Chulalongkorn Day

This celebration falls on the 23rd October and is a celebration of the death of King Chulalongkorn who amongst other things, abolished slavery. On this day people lay wreaths at his statues and on the equestrian statue at the Royal Plaza in Bangkok. Loy Kratong A krathong is a vessel that is filled with nuts, flowers, incense, candles and coins. During the full moon on the 12th Lunar month Thais float these vessels on water and it is believed to come from the paying of respect to the spirit of the waters. This is an amazing festival to witness and one that is highly recommended to visit over.

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